“Diversity” – Japanese, Sikh, American?

Had some awesome conversation with Dharam& Karam – 22 year old Sikh twins, born and raised in Japan, came to the US for college and now working in the ┬ásame company with the very same job here in Chicago!

Most interesting observation: In Japan, they didn’t feel their identity as much as they do here in the US. The Japanese viewed the brothers and the Sikh community in general as “foreigners” in Kobe, Japan. In the American college setting however, they were in some ways forced to identify themselves beyond “not Japanese.” They felt their brown skin and turbans and beards just a little more than they had in the past. Being friends with Indians and international students was easier just because there was a default of shared identity and a shared connection.

True, America is diverse, but we have to identify our particular diversity. We are yet not blind to color.




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