Officially funded, with a logo, and already on the road!

Despite a lack of posts, the Sikh Monologues Project has made some amazing strides this summer.

First, we are incredibly proud to announce that the Sikh Spirit Foundation (SSF) has graciously offered us a grant of $5,000 to get our vision up and running! SSF is not only helping us financially, but is also connecting us with awesome people who are going to be supporting our project from start to finish through mentorship. It is so exhilarating to know that we have an organization who not only believes in our vision but is willing to invest into it.

We also have the first draft our our logo thanks to the creativity of Sargun Kaur :

Small S. Monologue Logo

Lastly, the project is now live – as in I am on the road at my first stop in Washington, DC! Dilroop and I will be covering the DC, Maryland and Virginia sangats in the next two weeks. I have my brand new Canon T3i in tow for videoing my experiences, a Tascam DR-05 for high quality recording of interviews, and steadfast belief that this project is going to be invaluably enlightening for myself and the Sikh community.

Looking ahead:

Just as a heads up, this is my schedule for the next month!

DC Area: August 22 – September 5

Minneapolis, MN: September 5 – September 8

Detroit, Michigan: September 8 – September 13

Oak Creek, Wisconsin: September 13 – September 16

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: September 16 – September 24

Please don’t hesitate to e-mail with any questions or suggestions!

With Waheguru’s blessing,


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