We’re going to monologue for a year!

Hey all!

Jasleen and Dilroop here – we’re the awesome masterminds behind “The Sikh Monologues.” But really, we’re just a couple of young women who came up with a creative idea to write a series of monologues based on the stories of the Sikh American community. We’re going to go around the country, interview Sikhs and then base monologues off of the themes that the interviews cover. And then we’re going to publish them. Simple. Sort of. This blog will document our trials and tribulations through this year-long process.

Check back here as we embark on an unforgettable and vital journey of hearing and preserving the voices of Sikhs in America. We’re going to be traveling, dealing with publishers, writing, editing and constantly communicating with the very people that inspired the project – our community.

For more information, to donate, or to get involved, please e-mail sikhmonologues@gmail.com

Lots of love and wish us luck!

Jasleen& Dilroop

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